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KONE MonoSpace® Elevator

KONE revolutionized the industry in 1996 with the world’s first machine-room-less elevator – the KONE MonoSpace® for low- to mid-rise buildings. In 2012 a completely new range of KONE MonoSpace elevators was launched. The new solutions are significantly more energy efficient than before, provide industry-leading ride comfort and feature award-winning car interior design. With increased space efficiency, the KONE MonoSpace is ideal for buildings in need of elevator modernization.

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KONE MiniSpace™ Elevator

The KONE MiniSpace is an elevator with a small machine room and is the ideal solution for the most demanding high-rise buildings. KONE MiniSpace elevators are powered by the energy-efficient KONE EcoDisc® hoisting machine, offer superior ride comfort and feature award-winning car interior design.


KONE EcoDisc® motor

The KONE EcoDisc hoisting motor is the heart of KONE’s elevator solution. The machinery was completely renewed in 2012 providing several advantages. The new innovative copper winding system reduces the amount of energy lost as heat, making KONE elevators even more energy efficient than before. The new motor control system and brakes provide a smooth and quiet ride, while the more compact design frees up space.


KONE Escalators

Our escalators and autowalks set the standard for safety, eco-efficiency, and design. They are high quality, reliable, have a low total cost of ownership, and provide continuous, efficient people flow between decks. They are also ideal for solving bottlenecks during ship embarkation and disembarkation and, when the galley is below the restaurant, they can help waiters move smoothly between decks.

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KONE Autowalks

Move people quickly and smoothly over long distances. KONE autowalks are easy to install without making changes to floor structures, and their modular design means you can easily change their length or location.


KONE Doors

Doors give the first impression of any building and with our solutions, that impression is always positive. Whatever your building is used for, KONE pedestrian and industrial doors make sure people and goods flow smoothly, efficiently, and safely.

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