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An extensive range of solutions for infrastructure

Introducing the KONE Escalator DX

KONE Escalator DX brings numerous customer benefits through the digitalization of escalators enabling smooth, safe, sustainable and stress free movement through the station for all.

The offering is made up of 5 main components

Key features – KONE Escalator DX


·       24/7 Connected Services: Enables intelligent maintenance, maximizing the uptime of your equipment, improving safety and prolonging its lifetime. It also improves the adaptability and readiness of your station for the future.

·        Video Monitoring: Monitor and improve the safe flow of passengers through your transport hub learnings from our smart monitoring system

·       Handrail Sanitizer:Protect your customers with KONE Handrail Sanitizer Premium that continuously reduces bacteria, viruses and dirt from the handrails and encourages users to hold the handrail

·       Design Lighting:Improve user experience, safety and wayfinding/navigation with KONE Design Lighting that can be modified dynamically for bothhandrail and skirt lighting

·       Media Screen:Create the desired ambience, advertise, inform and delight users with real-time content and visuals on KONE Escalator Media Screen

Key solutions for the infrastructure environment


KONE Incline Elevator

The KONE Incline Elevator is a practical alternative to the traditional vertical elevator for transportation hubs like metro and railroad stations. Easy to integrate into the existing building infrastructure, this space-efficient solution is a convenient, safe transportation option for people and goods when it is not possible to use escalators.


KONE Self-Standing Steel Shaft

KONE’s airport offering includes the self-standing KONE Steel Shaft frame with glass or steel walls. Based on the machine room-less KONE MonoSpace technology, the self-standing elevator is available in up to 30 m travel.


KONE Heavy-Duty Escalators

KONE’s heavy-duty escalators are targeted for the public transportation segment. They are designed to enable a seamless flow of large number of passengers and long, even continuous operating hours.

Download the presentations or contact KONE for more details
Title Description Type File Size
NEW - Stations of the Future - Safer, Smarter and More Inclusive Produced in partnership with UITP, the first of the Stations of the Future reports dives into the future trends and developments in public transportation PDF 2.1 MB Download
NEW - Stations of the Future - How to make stations livey hubs The second of the our series of reports produced in partnership with UITP delves into how we can make stations lively hubs for citizens and public transport users now, and in the future PDF 3.7 MB Download
NEW - Stations of the Future - How to make stations better, more inclusive transport hubs The final report in our series produced with UITP aiming to act as a catalyst for transformative thinkking on the future of stations PDF 4.4 MB Download
Connected maintenance for public transport Enhancing availability and safety in public transport networks with a connected maintenance approach PDF 2.1 MB Download
Connectivity for public transportation Intelligent People Flow® solutions for public transportation PDF 1.4 MB Download
Connectivity for airports A pleasant flight begins and ends at the airport PDF 1.5 MB Download
Trends in US airports modernization Customer-centric focus driving change-up at American airports PDF 100.5 kB Download

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